How to win in Dream11? Dream11 Team Prediction Tips and Tricks

This section contains the latest Dream11 Predictions, Fantasy Cricket Tips, Dream11 Team and Injury Updates for all fantasy cricket leagues. 

Many believe that Dream11 app is all about luck. He can only make money if he's lucky. But this dream11 app is definitely much more than luck.

How to win in dream11

How to play Dream11?

To play your first dream11 match, follow the steps given below:

  • Pick a match that interests you
  • Your team should consist of 11 players
  • Select your captain and vice captain.
  • You can enter a contest by selecting the monetary value and choosing your prize
  • Follow the match to track your progress on leaderboard
This rule of playing is same across the whole country. For example if somebody searches for "how to play dream11 in tamil nadu" or "how to play dream11 in andhra pradesh", then the answer to this query is just same for all states.

Dream 11 Team Prediction Tips

You need to be familiar with the game and the players in order to create a winning team. These Tips might be helpful in creating the best Fantasy Cricket Team.

  • Player Performance: Understanding each player allows you to make an informed decision about how they would perform under different circumstances and gives you more points.
  • Understand the Pitch Conditions: Knowing the pitch conditions will help you determine whether runs can be scored quickly or if the bowlers are more successful. This information will allow you to choose between more bowlers or batsmen.
  • Toss report: Toss news is vital for creating the best Dream11 team because we can see who can bowl in death overs after toss.
  • Vice-captain and Captain: The best players are C and Vc, where the Captain receives 2X points and vice captain gets 1.5X times the point.
  • Weather Report It is important to know the weather forecast as rain could cause problems for all players. You should be cautious when selecting middle-order batsmen or part-time bowlers in such situations.

How to win Dream11 Contest? 

  • Insightful articles that discuss past performances, pitch conditions, and weather reports are provided by us.
  • We analyze the performance of previous matches and provide you with the team/set of players from which you can choose your Fantasy Team.
  • We also offer suggestions for Vice-captain and Captain Choices.
  • In case of any sudden changes, the team is kept informed at all times on our website.
  • We are here to help you build a winning team and win the most matches.
  • Follow our Dream11 Prediction to build the best Dream11 team.

How to win Dream11 Mega Contest

Many people join mega contests. However, it is difficult to win these grand leagues in Dream11 because of the higher competition.

These tips can definitely help you on how to win dream11 grand league:

  • Each Grand league allows for multiple entries. This means that you can enter the same contest as almost 11 other teams.
  • It will be difficult to win if you only form one team. Other participants might join you in many other teams.
  • It would be better if you were to think outside the box and name those players Captain and Vice-Captain, even if they are not C or Vc.
  • Your chances of winning increase the more Mega contests you join.

These are the steps to follow in order to earn a high rank in Dream11 Grand leagues. With a little luck, you might even win the mega contests.

Dream11 FAQs

How to delete team in dream11?

While there is no option available to delete a team, what you can preferably do is:
  • First you can edit your team before the tournament starts.
  • Second, you can create a new team and switch it with the old one.

How to change team in Dream11 during match?

The answer to this question is that you just simply can't change the team during the match otherwise what would be the purpose left if you can change the team in middle of the match as that would be unfair.

How to withdraw Dream11 money?

Everything is useless if you don't know how to withdraw cash from dream11? So, here is the way. Just follow these simple steps given below:
  • Go to Dream11 app and open your Dream11 account.
  • Then go to my account which is under the winnings section and click on the "Withdraw" option.
  • Now, verify your Bank account and PAN to withdraw your winnings.
  • Once your details are verified enter an amount that you are willing to withdraw.
  • The minimum amount you can withdraw is Rs. 50 and maximum Rs. 1 crore..
  • On the registered email id, you will receive a confirmation from Dream11.
  • You can have upto 3 withdrawals per day not exceeding more than 1 crore.

How many teams can be created in dream11?

You can create upto 20 different teams and can join contests with more than 10,000 spots. So ,that will make every team count and that's how you can keep enjoying your fantasy sports with multiple teams on Dream11.

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