Who is the Best Captain in IPL?

Who is the Best Captain in IPL: While the IPL is the biggest Twenty20 event in history, the Indian Premier League has hosted some of the most prominent leaders in the world.

IPL Franchisees value a leader capable of managing their team during a challenging schedule that covers more than a month of traveling across India.

A skipper's most difficult task is winning an IPL title. They must ensure their team finishes in the top 2, so they have two chances to qualify for final.

MS Dhoni is the former India captain and is, unsurprisingly, at the top when it comes down to running a franchise. He has been the sole leader of Chennai Super Kings for ten years, thanks to his service as Team India captain.

Who is the Best Captain in IPL

We can see that the numbers don't always do justice. Anyone may be in this group regardless of the matches played or trophies won. Therefore, we focus on the captains who have the highest victory percentage and other factors.

Who is the Best Captain in IPL?

Well the question Who is the Best Captain in IPL is not the easy one to say directly but we have made some criteria to decide their position. So, let us find out the best captain in IPL.

5. David Warner

While some may be surprised to see Warner listed on this list, the Australian's track record as Sunrisers' leader is hard to overlook. Warner won the Orange Cap in 2015. He scored 562 runs during his first season as captain, in which Hyderabad fell short by one run.

The Sunrisers won their first IPL title in the next season. Warner was awarded his second Orange Cap for 2017.

Warner was replaced by Kane Williamson as captain in 2018 and 2019. However, he reclaimed his position in 2020 and led the Sunrisers to another playoff appearance.

He has commanded the franchise on 62 occasions, winning 34 games and his 54.8 per cent winning percentage ranks him amongst the best IPL captains.

4. Shane Warne

Warne never had the chance to lead Australia internationally, but he displayed his leadership skills through the Rajasthan Royals.

Warne was elected captain of the 2008 tournament. He led the Royals to victory despite being the worst team in the league.

Rajasthan failed to reach the playoffs in the three subsequent seasons under Warne. However, the 2008 title win is hard to overlook.

They were not expected to make it to the playoffs. Warne took 18 wickets in the competition and guided them to victory.

Warne was the captain of the Royals, leading them to a win rate of 55.54 percent during his tenure. This confirms his status as the all-time greatest IPL captain.

3. Gautam Gambhir

Gambhir is deservedly No. Gambhir is ranked 3rd on our list as the best IPL captain, being one of only three captains who has led his team to multiple IPL championships.

He began his career as a left-handed batter with the Delhi Daredevils. He was captain for three seasons before moving to the Kolkata Knight Riders in 2011 for $2.4 million.

Gambhir led Kolkata to their maiden IPL win in 2012. They defeated Chennai Super Kings at Chennai. This was after a strong start as the team made it to the playoffs.

Gambhir and Knight Riders rebounded from a 2013 slump to win their second title in three seasons.

Gambhir guided Kolkata to two more playoff spots in 2016 and 2017 before returning to Delhi for the last season before he retired.

2. M.S. Dhoni

MSD coached his Chennai Super Kings to four IPL wins in 2010, 2011, 2018 and 2021.

After the Super Kings were banned, Dhoni was appointed captain of Rising Pune Supergiant. He led them to victory in 2017.

He has coached his team in the IPL for 188 games. This is more than any other person in competition history. 110 of those games were won with a winning rate more that 58%.

His longevity is the most remarkable part of Dhoni’s legacy. His team has won every IPL season, and he has compiled an impressive record.

1. Rohit Sharma

Sharma defeats Dhoni for the top spot based on only silverware weight.

Since 2013, when he became the captain of Mumbai Indians, Sharma has led the Mumbai Indians' five IPL wins.

Mumbai won the competition in his first season as captain. He went on to win it again in 2015 and 2017, 2019, and 2020.

Sharma led by example during that time, and he is now one of the top run-scorers in the competition. He currently sits in fifth place with 5611 runs.


Dhoni is a more experienced leader, with a longer career, but Sharma won five IPL titles in eight years, making him the greatest IPL captain. For more such interesting articles, do visit our site live score ipl.

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