Who is the most dangerous batsman in IPL ?

We are once again witnessing the Indian Premier League (IPL), a festival of cricket. The IPL is often referred to as the pinnacle T20 cricket. It is fiercely contested and players want to be the best. There are millions of opinions and the tournament is a divisive event. Most of the discussion revolves around who is the most dangerous IPL batsman. The IPL is currently in its 14th season and has seen many great batsmen rise to greatness over the years. This tournament saw the rise of Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers, Rohit Singh, Suresh Raina, and many others. They can all be ranked as the most dangerous cricketers in IPL.

who is the most dangerous batsman in ipl

Who is the Most Dangerous Batsman in IPL?

Virat Kohli is the answer to who's the most dangerous player in the IPL . Since 2008, the Royal Challengers Bangalore captain has been one the most dangerous batsmen. Virat Kohli is IPL's top run-getter and most successful batsman. He is comfortably ahead of Shikhar Dhawan, who is second in IPL runs with 6076 runs.

We will be discussing in detail the most dangerous cricketers in the IPL.

1) Virat Kohli

Current Team: Royal Challengers Bangalore

When we take into account the consistency, Virat is the most dangerous IPL batsman. Kohli is an IPL king, scoring 6283 runs over 207 matches at averaging 37.4. This includes 42 half-centuries. He is the top run-scorer in IPL, scoring them in less matches than his compatriots.

Virat Kohli, who has been with Royal Challengers Bangalore since 2008, is one of very few players to play for only one team. In 2013, he was elected captain and has been leading the team ever since. Although Bangalore has not won an IPL trophy yet, it has little to do with Kohli’s batting.

The run charts for this team have always been top-notch and Kohli is one of the most dangerous IPL batsmen. It is unlikely that his record of 973 runs in one season in 2016 will ever be broken, but it is possible. Kohli is the only batsman who inspires his team to win. It is not surprising that he is the most dangerous player in IPL.

  • Matches -- 207
  • Runs 6283
  • 50s/100s - 42/5
  • Average = 37.4
  • Strike rate - 129.95

2) AB de Villiers

Former Team: Royal Challengers Bangalore (Retired)

Many might argue that AB de Villiers should rank as the most dangerous IPL batsman due to his ability to transform the game. We must admit that he came very close to winning that title.

De Villiers is also known as Mr 360 and is an influential player in Virat Kohli’s Royal Challengers Bangalore. De Villiers was one of the most successful players in the IPL. He first played for the Delhi Capitals, but didn't have the best returns. His fortunes changed when the Bangalore-based franchise hired him. The South African was a key player on the RCB side, and is still considered one of the top finishers in IPL.

De Villiers has totaled 5056 runs in the 179 IPL, scoring a strike rate 151.69 runs per innings and an average of 39..71 runs per game. De Villiers's partnership with Kohli is well-documented, and together they have amassed runs in abundance. AB de Villiers is on the most dangerous batsman in the IPL.

  • Matches -- 184
  • Runs 5162
  • 50s/100s - 40/3
  • Average 39.71
  • Strike rate - 151.69

3)Chris Gayle

Current Team: 

Chris Gayle is the most dangerous IPL batsman. He will be on most lists. Gayle holds several records, including fastest century in IPL and most centuries in IPL. Gayle was a dangerous batsman in IPL during his prime. He is still among the best at this age above 41.

Chris Gayle has been a part of three franchises so far - Royal Challengers Bangalore and Kolkata Knight Riders. The Jamaican was most successful at RCB. His whirlwind 175, which is still the highest score in a match of T20, was recorded in an RCB shirt.

Chris Gayle has smoked 4965 runs across 142 matches in all IPL. What stands out is his 1486.5 strike rate. He has scored 357 sixes in IPL, which is 112 more than second-best de Villiers.

  • Matches 142
  • Runs 4965
  • 50s/100s - 31/6
  • Average 39.72
  • Strike rate - 148.96

4) David Warner

Current Team: 

David Warner is a true star at the IPL. He is also one of the most-respected overseas batsmen. Warner holds the record of most runs scored in the league by an international player. He is also one of the most dangerous players in IPL.

Warner played his first IPL match for Delhi Capitals, but his real talent was displayed in the Sunrisers Hyderabad jersey. In 2016, he led Hyderabad to its first IPL title.

Warner is one of few IPL players to have more than 5000 runs. Warner is not the captain of Hyderabad but he is a dangerous batsman in IPL.

  • Matches -150
  • Runs 5449
  • 50s/100s - 50/4
  • Average 41.6
  • Strike rate - 139.97
who is the dangerous batsman in ipl

5) M.S. Dhoni

Current Team: Chennai Super Kings

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is another name you must mention when talking about the most dangerous cricketer in IPL. Dhoni is one of the most respected captains in T20 cricket. He has played for two IPL franchises over the years: Rising Pune Supergiant and Chennai Super Kings.

Dhoni is the captain of Chennai Super Kings and has won four titles. His exceptional batting is a major reason for Dhoni being a successful captain. Dhoni is often referred to as the greatest finisher in the world and has turned the tide in his favor many times.

Dhoni scored 4746 runs at an average of 39.55 in the IPL.

  • Matches -- 220
  • Runs 4746
  • 50s/100s - 23/0
  • Average 39.55
  • Strike rate - 136.6

6) Kieron Pollard

Current Team: Mumbai Indians

Kieron Pollard, the heart and soul for the Mumbai Indians franchise, is a crucial element in their middle-order. Pollard is a dangerous batsman in IPL because of his power hitting and ability to get out of trouble at any stage.

Pollard made his debut with Mumbai Indians against Delhi in March 2010, and has been with them ever since. Pollard played a number of winning knocks for Mumbai over the past 11 years, including leading the team to the playoffs. Pollard was part of five of the winning Mumbai Indians sides.

Pollard is a dangerous batsman in IPL because of his 149.77 strike rate and ability to alter the course of a single-handed game.

  • Matches 178
  • Runs 3268
  • 50s/100s - 16/0
  • Average = 29.98
  • Strike rate - 149.77

7) Andre Russell

Current Team: Kolkata Knight Riders

Andre Russell, another power-hitter from the Caribbean has lit up IPL with his stunning strokeplay. In IPL, he has been a player for the Delhi Capitals as well as the Kolkata Knight Riders. His strike rate is one of the reasons Andre Russell is considered the most dangerous IPL batsman. He has maintained a strike rate of 178.57 in 84 IPL matches.

With his aggressive batting, Russell has changed the course of matches time and again. He scored 510 runs during the 2019 season at an average of 56.66 and a strike rate 204.8. He won KKR matches by himself, scoring 52 sixes (and 31 fours) during his season.

  • Matches - 84
  • Runs 1700
  • 50s/100s - 9/0
  • Average 29.47
  • Strike rate - 178.57

8) Suresh Raina

Current Team: Chennai Super Kings

Suresh Raina (also known as Mr IPL) has been a part of IPL since its inception and is now an integral unit for the Chennai Super Kings. Because of his consistency, Suresh Raina would be the most dangerous IPL batsman.

Raina was the most successful IPL batsman in terms of runs until Kohli took over. With 5528 runs scored in 205 matches, he is still third in IPL for most runs run by a batsman. His average was 33.08 and his strike rate was 136.73. Raina didn't participate in the 2020 IPL edition, which has decreased his numbers.

  • Matches 205
  • Runs 5528
  • 50s/100s - 39/1
  • Average 32.52
  • Strike rate - 136.73

Rohit Sharma

Current Team: Mumbai Indians

Rohit Sharma, the only IPL captain to win 5 titles, changed the face and image of the Mumbai side through his savvy leadership. Rohit Sharma is a formidable batsman in IPL. His leadership has been what has kept his team motivated over the years.

Since his arrival, Rohit has been an inspiration for the Mumbai side. Rohit also holds a title as a Deccan Chargers player. Rohit can take on an aggressive role if necessary, and he is also capable of holding forte if required.

Rohit is one of few IPL players who has played over 200 matches. He has scored 5611 runs in the 213 games, an average of 31.17.

  • Matches - 213
  • Runs 5611
  • 50s/100s - 40/1
  • Average 31.17
  • Strike rate - 130.4

10) Shikhar Dhawan

Current Team: Delhi Capitals

Shikhar Dhawan, the current Delhi Capitals opener, has been a part of several IPL teams and has always excelled. Dhawan began his career with Delhi, before moving to Mumbai Indians for a few years. The Deccan Chargers brought him and, when the team was disbanded, he moved on to Sunrisers Hyderabad. Dhawan returned to Delhi after a time at SRH.

Dhawan is a dangerous player in the competition because of his ability to change gears easily. Dhawan can play multiple roles, including the aggressor and anchor. He can also rotate strike depending upon the situation. He was the second-highest scoring player in the tournament's 2020 season.

Dhawan started the 2021 season at the exact same pace and is among the top run scorers of the season.

  • Matches -- 192
  • Runs 5783
  • 50s/100s - 44/2
  • Average 34.63
  • Strike rate - 126.63

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